Click-Import supplies you with superb products from around the world.

Hello, my name is Mitsuyo Sato of Click-Import.

With the popularization of the Internet, now everybody can obtain information from around the world more easily and quickly. However, we think hurdles still exist when purchasing merchandise from overseas, even when you can see the items that you want.

We intend to provide the service of supplying products from overseas to anyone, in an easy and timely process—this is the reason why we started Click-Import. We research the best and most interesting products from around the world, and introduce these items in our online store where customers can easily obtain them. We specialize in product research, and we can identify and source merchandise from overseas, products that are not yet well known or whose selling points are still unfamiliar to many.

We supply low-priced products quickly, building in the value chain of platforms that include sales and distribution, without the necessity of the original infrastructure.

Our goal is to introduce superb products from all over the world, making them available to everyone, ,importing them for you with one click.

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